Our clear focus on IBM technology helps us to excel in what we do

IBM Integration Bus

Implementing complex enterprise service bus projects on-premise and in the cloud is at the hart of what we do. Our consultants use IIB at various customers to transform and route business flows.

IBM DataPower Gateway

Over 10 years of experience with installing and configuring DataPower Gateways ensures that your critical business processes can be exposed in a secure and relialable manner. Also the new DataPower Operations Dashboard is part of our skillset.

IBM Messaging

Messaging remains an important way of communicating in modern enterprises. Exchanging business information between systems with guaranteerd delivery is mandatory for many processes aswell as guaranteed delivery of files. Our consultants implemented on-premise messaging solution for a large number of clients. More recently we started building expertise in IBM Message Hub, the off-premise, SAAS messaging offering of IBM.

IBM API Connect

API's form the hart of today's digital transformations. Companies use internal and external API's to innovate and to expose their wealth of information. IBM API Connect, build on the IBM DataPower Gateway, helps customers to create, run, manage and secure their APIs. At Integration Designers we have build the experience to our customers on this exciting transformation.

IBM APP Connect

Bridging on-premise with off-premise applictions or off-premise with off-premise is the core of APP Connect. Via an extensive set of ready to use connectors customers can connect new applications in a matter of days.

Sterling B2B Solutions

Urban Code

Automating the develivery of integration/software solutions is the core of the IBM Urban Code solution. We use Urabn Code to setup automated builds and delivery of our integration artifacts.

Supporting Open Source solutions

Our prime focus is IBM Integations software but we also use often supporting open source solutions. The most common used solutions are: subversion, git, ant, Kibana...