Unveiling the Future: My Key Takeaways from IBMTechXchange Summit EMEA

The recently concluded IBMTechXchange Summit EMEA in Barcelona left attendees buzzing with excitement, as IBM specialists came together to showcase advancements and shared knowledge. From cutting-edge AI developments to sustainable tech solutions, here are my key takeaways from this year’s event.

  • AI is everywhere
    In the 3 day in total 86 presentations/labs in the AI track. Even in other tracks like the automation track , that contains the integration tools, AI pops up. Revolutionizing API Policy Enforcement with AI-powered automation: Noname Advanced Security for IBM.

  • Integration remains crucial for the digital transformation and AI.
    Get the right data in the right format in the correct place becomes imperative.

  • Cloud Pak for Integration licenses are a must have.
    New functionalities like the integration assemblies for declarative deployments are delivered within the CP4I licenses.

  • IBM Champions were celebrated.
    People that became a IBM champion were celebrated for their give back to the community with advantages and swag.

  • Quantum computing is imminent.
    Now you can engage with your own qubits through IBM Cloud, making quantum computing accessible for practical experimentation and development.

  • Testing your specialization is important.
    Passing IBM certifications exams is the way to prove your knowledge. Which I did for App Connect Enterprise v12 developer


IBMTechXchange 2024 showcased the trajectory of IBM technology, demonstrating that innovation is not just about pushing boundaries but also about responsibility and sustainability. As we reflect on the insights gained, it’s evident that the tech landscape is evolving, and the journey ahead holds exciting possibilities for a more connected, sustainable, and inclusive world.


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