Meet Robin, our newest integration consultant

Hey, I’m Robin Thoelen and I recently started my Integration Career at Integration Designers. 
As an Integration Consultant, I use IBM and Red Hat technology to connect applications

The day I changed my LinkedIn profile to ‘open to work’, I was bombarded with messages!

After finishing my bachelor in ‘Applied Computer Science’, I indicated on my LinkedIn profile that I was “open to work”. I was immediately bombarded with messages from recruiters with often very interesting offers. My profile had also caught the eye of a representative of Integration Designers. I was able to compare several companies during this period but at Integration Designers, I saw the most opportunities to develop myself. So the choice was quickly made!

The first few weeks at Integration Designers were very exciting for me.

This is my first real job since finishing my bachelor’s degree. A new environment, new company, new rhythm… I didn’t know what to expect but I was taken care of super well. The onboarding of Integration Designers is well thought out!

From the beginning, I was paired with a more experienced colleague, who acts as a kind of coach. I have a check-up with him every day to see where I can still use support. There is also a great atmosphere within the rest of the team! Even though we regularly work remotely, there is still a feeling of solidarity. This feeling even extends to other companies within Cronos. I find it fascinating to see how strongly certain companies are intertwined. The whole cluster structure is something new to me.

Fortunately, there is a lot more to do than just attend training courses. I was also soon allowed to get involved in projects.

Because I am still “new” I spend a lot of time on courses. Fortunately, I was not expected to be very advanced in a certain area. That is why I was given a lot of room in the beginning to learn more about topics such as Java via IBM Learning and Udemy.

Fortunately, there is much more to do than just follow training courses. I was soon allowed to get involved in projects. For example, I recently worked on a project to develop java based integrations. Soon I will be placed with another client where I hope to gain a lot of experience.

It is only now that I see it in practice that I realize why there is such a need for integration.

Integration is a sector I didn’t come into contact with much during my education. It is, however, a fascinating and broad sector where there is still a lot for me to learn. Now that I’m actually seeing cases in practice, I can see why there is such a need for integration. I am now particularly looking forward to putting as much of my knowledge into practice with clients as possible and thus gaining different experiences. My short-term goals are mainly that I want to delve into both Java and IBM. I also hope to get my Red Hat AMQ certificate soon!

As a graduate, I was very nicely received at Cronos & Integration Designers!

A job at Integration Designers is really recommended for people interested in integration. From my experience I can tell you that even as a school leaver at Cronos & Integration Designers you will be very well received with a tailored onboarding process, good coaching and a very strong reception network!

As a newcomer to the team, I probably won’t become your coach, but in any case, I look forward to welcoming new colleagues to the team!

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