How to use the Administration Rest API in App Connect Enterprise

July 19, 2022

Written by Francis Cocx

App Connect Enterprise supports the Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface (REST API), which you can use to administer integration nodes, integration servers, and other resources.

the REST API classes and methods are described in the App Connect Enterprise REST API V2 specification, which you can view in a browser by specifying the address of your integration node or integration server, and the administration REST API port, followed by /apidocs

In this blog post, we will be setting up an independent Integration Server to test and highlight how to use rest commands to configure and manage the server.

Creating an Independent Integration Server

To create the independent integration server, we will use IBM App connect Enterprise Console. The following command will create a working directory in the desired location and start up the server. The status of the server will be provided as output of the command.

IntegrationServer --work-dir <Working Directory of Integration Server>

The Administration REST API

Now that our Integration Server is running, we can immediately access the rest admin by entering the Hostname followed by the port number (on which the integration server is listening) in a browser window. 

The classes and methods available in the administration rest api can be viewed in the REST API v2 specification using the URL http(s)://<hostName>:<port>/apidocs where hostName is the host name/ip of the machine where your Integration Node or Integration server is running.

More information can also be found here:

Examples of using the REST API

Using the REST API specifications, we can directly try out each method.

When pressing send, we will see that the server shuts down.



Console window

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