Eduardo’s integration journey

July 15, 2020

Because Eduardo has long been intrigued by the world of integration, his main goal has always been to grow his skills in this area of expertise. With the ambition of becoming a real technical integration expert, Eduardo today works as a technical lead at Lineas, where he leads the implementation of a new integration platform. 

A perfect match

Five years ago, Eduardo arrived in Belgium as an integration consultant working for a Spanish company. When this project became to an end, Eduardo was determined to pursue his ambition of becoming a real integration expert. As from the moment Integration Designers approached him on LinkedIn three years ago, he immediately felt the match:

“I had a background in integration, but not specific in IBM Technology. As I was looking forward to broaden my experience, a job as integration consultant at Integration Designers was the perfect opportunity” Eduardo starts. 

“When I arrived at Integration Designers, I started with a training in MQ and IBM Integration Bus (IIB) technology. After finishing the training, a challenging project at Lineas was waiting for me.”

Eduardo started at Lineas in a support role. While growing his IIB skills, he set up an integration framework for Lineas and delivered support. “As I was working with IIB technology, I was responsible for setting up integrations and monitoring the efficiency of the project. Some integrations were easy to set up, but there were also integrations with very complex underlying models. It was a really nice challenge where I was able to sharpen my technical integration skills.”

From support to technical lead

As the technical lead left the company shortly after Eduardo started, more responsibilities came his way. Today, Eduardo works as the technical lead in a team of seven people with different experience levels. “It’s our responsibility to handle architectural topics for new projects. We discuss the problem statement and challenge the issue”, Eduardo continues

The benefits of working at Integration Designers

Also the many training possibilities are a big plus for Eduardo. “Every year, they encourage the team to follow trainings in different technology areas. I was already able to follow trainings in IBM API Connect, KAFKA, IBM ACE Beta Workshop and many more. They really enable us to become the best integration consultants and to grow both our technical and soft skills. I also like the fact that the managers are very technical people from who I can still learn a lot. “ 

Also want to become a real integration expert?

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