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Hybrid Integration Event

Powering Digital Transformations

28 September, IBM Client Center

Avenue du Bourget/Bourgetlaan 42, B-1130 Brussels

Integration Designers and IBM Cloud would like to invite you for our upcoming Hybrid Integration - Powering Digital Transformations event. We will show you how the latest evolution in the IBM Integration portfolio addresses the challenges companies face today while implementing digital transformations. How do you bridge on-premise and off-premise solutions? How do you expose and use API’s effectively? How are Enterprise Service Busses evolving? What about microservices and integration?

IBM’s vision and strategy on hybrid integration will be delivered by Andrew Humphreys and Kim Clark, both part of the IBM Integration Offering team. Client presentations and demo’s will show you real implementations of the IBM Hybrid Integration solutions.

Thanks for your participation !!

Many thanks to everybody that joined our Hybrid Integration Event. Good iteractions and interesting discussions. Below you can find the material used at the event: